Sunday, December 30, 2007

my first pair of socks

Well I started my first pair of handknitted socks yesterday. I am using the baisc sock pattern in Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks. Instead of doing a plain ribbing however I am doing a 1,2,3 variation ribbing. The gauge is 7 stitches per inch on size 2 double point needles. The yarn I am using is Alpaca Sox yarn by Classic Elite Yarns color 1871 Candy Hearts. I love how the yarn feels and looks as I knit it up. Right now I am still working on the ankle of the sock and am a little nervous about doing the heel. I have been kind of putting off working on it as much as I would usually work on a project because of being nervous about the heel. Hopefully I won't have to much trouble with the heel and the whole project will go fairly smoothly. I am really hoping to find the camera or be able to get a new one soon cause I would really like to put a picture of my socks up when they are done if not while I am still working on them.

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