Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feel like crap!

Well I have a massive migraine today and have been in bed most of the day trying to get rid of it so I never got around to taking a picture since my husband is the only one who knows A.)where the camera is and B.) how to put a picture from the camera onto the computer so that I can post it on my blog and he has left for work now that I am up. I finally gave up on trying to get rid of my migraine about an hour ago after lying in bed for hours with the lights out and the windows covered trying to get rid of it to no avail. Luckily I don't get them very often. Anyways I didn't get any work done on my final christmas project the infamous boring scarf today. I am really glad that I will not be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family until after Christmas seeing as the scarf is no wheres near done and I am finding it rather boring and haven't been getting much done at a time on it at all. Well anyways I am really hoping that this migraine will be gone tomorrow seeing as it has kept me from doing anything all day today and I have stuff I have to do tomorrow to get ready for Christmas plus I have to babysit my husbands step sister and step brother when they get home from school everyday and I kind of bailed on his mother today since I felt like crap. So thats all for now I will be back tomorrow with pictures hopefully.

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