Thursday, December 27, 2007

all about Christmas

Well Christmas is over and it went over well. My mother in law was very thoughtful and kind and bought me all kinds of knitting stuff including yarn however more about the yarn later. Some of the accesories are great like the knitting needle case and the yarn canister that you can pull your yarn out of the top while you work so that you yarn doesn't get dirty or roll around. She also got me a bag to use as a knitting bag, which even though I already have one is wonderful since the bag I have is so stuffed with all my knitting accesories that I barely have room for my projects so now I have a bag to keep my projects in. She also put some a set of a couple differant sizes of plastic straight knitting needles in the gift bag that I will try using but am not sure how I will like them since I usually use bamboo needles. The last thing she bought me will probably mostly just take up space, crappy acrylic yarn that is so itchy and rough my hands start to hurt if I knit with it for to long. I have started to make a pair of fingerless gloves/wrist warmers with the yarn she gave me that I will probably give to her or keep for myself and never use. I finished one of them and have yet to finish the second. However I will probably use this yarn mostly for practicing new stitches such as lace, that I want to use in other yarn to make scarfs and shawls with but don't want to buy yarn and then find out it is to complicated for me. I can also use it to practice seaming before I start making sweaters. So most of the stuff she gave me was great or could be good like the needles the only thing that she really wasted her money on was the yarn but as I said it will be used for various things.
Anyways my husband got me many gift cards to stores I love such a Lane Bryant, Linens and Things, Barnes and Noble, and Starbucks woo hoo. Which I know it sounds silly that my husband bought me gift cards but we only did stockings for eachother in an effort to save money and so he felt that he had to go over the top with my stocking and forget about our money saving efforts. Anyways those were great gifts I ended up going to Lane Bryant yesterday and buying some stuff since they were having a big sale. I also bought 2 knitting books from Barnes and Noble's authorized used book stores online with one of my gift cards. The two books I bought are 100 Afghan Squares to Knit and 100 More Afghan Squares to Knit.
I have not yet done Christmas with my parents and my sisters since they all went to California to see my mom's family for Christmas. I have asked my mom for a gift card to the local yarn store that we both shop at. I am really hoping that she did that because yarn is expensive and we are really trying to save money. I can't wait to give my family their gifts that I knit for them since both my mom and one of my sisters knit it will be great to see their reactions to my first knitted gifts.
On another note. The camera is no where to be found so this is going to be a pictureless blog until we can come up with the money to buy a new digital camera. Which is not really a top priority since we don't really take that many pictures usually so this will really be the only thing it is used for.

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