Tuesday, December 18, 2007

celebrated an early christmas

Well my husband and I celebrated an early Christmas with my grandmother who will be away for Christmas this year last night. That means that I got to give away my first hand knit gift of the season. My grandmother loved her hat although I completely forgot to bring my camera so that I could take a picture of her in it to put up here on my blog for all my blog readers. Oh well I will definitely take pictures of my other hand knit gifts when they are received that is if my family is willing to have there picture taken in them. I really hope they are cause I made some really cute stuff for them. If not I will at least have a picture of my boring stockinette scarf up here for everyone to see. I made it quite a bit farther on my scarf yesterday while I was watching TV with my husband last night. I will take a picture of it sometime today and post it up here tomorrow. It is coming out beautifully even though it has been so boring to knit. I think my mother will love it since it is so gorgeously soft. It is also a beautiful olive green color that she wears all the time so she will absolutely love the color. Well that's all for today. As long as I can find the camera which hasn't been used in a while and the cord that attaches it to the computer I will have a picture up soon of the scarf before its done.

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