Monday, December 17, 2007

First Post!!!!

Well this is my first post so I guess I will talk a little bit about why I am doing this and stuff like that. Well this is going to be my knitting blog. I just taught myself how to knit this year and haven't yet made anything for myself everything has been gifts. Right now everything I have made is either already given away or wrapped for Christmas. I am working on my last Christmas gift right now and will post a picture of that when it is done. I started knitting in November and made a whole bunch of Christmas gifts. I made a Eyelet Scarf for my sister, a hat that is designed to look like it is from the 20's for my other sister, a winter hat for my grandmother, a neck warmer for my dad, and am working on a stockinette stitch scarf for my mother right now. Next I am either going to make a pair of pants or a sweater out of the book Big Girl Knits by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer. So that should be a little more interesting.

Well onto a little bit about the scarf I am making. It is made with Rowan Yarns Cashsoft and it wasn't going to be in plain stockinette originally, in fact the design has changed twice. I started out with a pattern that had lace insets down the side over stockinette stitch but decided that the lace was to confusing for me to try just yet. Then I moved on to a stich called the woven stitch that I got out of the new Harmony Guides book Knit and Purl. I really liked the stitch and it was plenty easy but once I had done it for a while it felt more rough than the Cashsoft yarn should have been since it was a bumpy stich so I decided that stockinette seemed like the way to go. So here I am doing it in stockinette being bored to death with it but having to finish it since it is a gift. I actually have a lot of yarn left from my sisters 20's hat since it was a 500 yard skein so I think I might make her a scarf out of it if I have time to since I won't see them till after Christmas anyways since they are going to California. Anyways thats all for now. I will post more tomorrow and maybe I will post a picture of my scarf that I am working on tomorrow although it is rather boring at least you will get to see the color.

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mari said...

Thanks for sharing.

I have been thinking about getting the Harmony needles set.