Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well I have nothing as far as knitting progress goes to post about so I am going to discuss my love for Ravelry. I just love searching for patterns on Ravelry. A lot of the time when I find myself looking for something to do and don't feel like knitting I go on to Ravelry and just look at patterns. This however has turned into a slight problem because I had so many things in my queue that I had to move all but a few of them into favorites a while ago and the ones in my favorites are just basically patterns that I like and may possibly make one day. I have over 400 there at the moment because whenever I like something I just add it to my favorites and then end up looking at all the other patterns by that designer and then end up adding a bunch of those to my favorites. I will probably never get to most of these but I just find it fun and relaxing to look at patterns when my mind just isn't up for knitting. I almost like doing this more than posting and reading the forums. I am at the point where I am thinking about going through my favorites and thinking about which ones I may actually make in the future and which ones I won't so that I delete the ones I don't think that I will make. This is something that I am somewhat dreading doing and may not end up doing at all because I love them all and really probably won't know whether I will knit them until I decide to knit them. I have a fear that I will delete them and then decide I want to knit them later and won't be able to find them because I won't remember the name or the designer's name. I know that sounds crazy but I just like to keep my options open and like to know where I can find them if I want them. Anyways I would love to hear what you guys all love about Ravelry and whether anyone else does the same thing. Hopefully I will have some knitting to post later this week we will see.


Bea said...

If I'm thinking about knitting something, say a lacy shawl, then I put a million patterns in my queue for those sorts of things and then slowly narrow it down to ones I think I might actually make at some point. If I look to make another lacy shawl and I don't see one I love in the queue already then I just start the process over. Makes deciding on a pattern so much easier when its "I like this one better then that one, so I'll delete the one I like least. On to the next pair!" sort of thing.

Sometimes I go back a few weeks later and wonder why I queued it in the first place.

jamie said...

I put the most beautiful calorimetries in my favorites, and really was planning on knitting one. The things in my queue are just pretty things I like to fantasize about knitting.

That's backwards, right

I haven't put the deep v in my queue or in my favorites, or in my project list. Just too lazy.

I like to poke around on discussions, mainly. There are some Hilarious knitters/crocheters on RAV!

The Mel B said...

It is interesting to see how people use ravelry differently. I have only recently started adding a few things to my favorites. I didn't really see the point at first, because if I want to knit it I put it in my queue. But then I thought about how special I feel when someone favorites one of my projects and I feel like I should spread the love.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

The thing I love about Ravelry is that there is always a new aspect of it to discover...just when you think you know everything about it 'BOOM' you come upon a new feature. Love it!