Friday, March 21, 2008

Long Awaited Photos

Well I am finally here with my photos. First off I will show you a picture of the Monkey Socks.

The first picture is the second Monkey sock which has about 2 repeats of the lace pattern until I get to the heel. Then we have the first Monkey sock which is finished except for weaving in ends. The cast on in the ankle is a little hard to get over my foot because I used the wrong cast on. Once I get it on it is comfortable but it is a little bit of a struggle to get there but other than that it fits great. So I used a long tail cast on on the second sock instead of a knitted cast on since I have heard that it is a little bit stretchier.

Next we have pictures of my afghan squares that I have done. The afghan I am making is from the book: 100 More Afghan Squares to Knit
Pattern: Big and Cozy
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash
Colorway: Lemongrass Heather
These pictures are an awful representation of the actual color of the yarn because I couldn't get a good shot of the detail in them with a good shot of the color of them.

This first picture is of the square called Zig Zag and I have made 2 out of 12 of this particular square. This is by far the worst picture out of all the afghan pictures regarding the true color the other ones are bad but not this bad.

The photo above is of the square called Big and Cozy and I have 1 out of 12 of this one done. This was my first attempt at cables and it took a little bit to get it figured out completely but I think that it came out pretty well.

The last photo I have of the afghan is of the square called Chunky Textured Stripe and I have done 2 out of 12 of this square.
So I have 5 squares out of a total of 50 squares done and have 3 square patterns that I haven't even done one of yet. This project could take a while cause I get bored with knitting squares after I have made one or two and then get distracted by another project.

I also have bought some new project bags that I just love and have to show you. I bought them both at Target for I think $10 each.

The yellow Giraffe one is holding my Monkey socks at the moment and the Brown one with the leaves is holding my Malabrigo scarf that I haven't done any work on since before I went to Florida.

I did decide what to buy with my store credit that I won and I will be sure to show you it when it comes in the mail. I bought some beautiful hand-dyed lace weight alpaca yarn in a beautiful blue color. She is winding it into cakes to me before she sells it but if you want to see it in the skein I will link the picture on her Etsy shop from here. I will be making the Honeybee Stole from (here is the Ravelry link as well I can't wait to knit it up. I almost forgot here is the link to the yarn that I got with my store credit .

Anyways goodbye for now and I hope you love all the pictures.

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