Saturday, March 22, 2008

Contests and Podcasts

I have gone kind of contest crazy I guess because here is yet another contest that I have entered. Or maybe it is just that a lot of people are having contests right now but I will link you to this contest as well (I think that this may be the case because I haven't read about this many conests on the blogs that I read ever. It is a blogaversary contest and the prize has not been announced yet but it is bound to be good. So here is the link.

On another note I am way behind on listening to my podcasts. I fell behind when I went to Florida for vacation and then had so much stuff to do when I got back that I forgot to listen to them and now I am way backed up and trying to catch up on things. I have listened to a few but I am still way behind and I have just discovered some new podcasts to listen to so I am even farther behind than I was. I am will probably end up listening to a lot of them as I do my massive spring cleanup over the next couple weeks. There will probably not be too many photos of new knitting and I might even be posting about some things other than my knitting.

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Bektold said...

I hear you about the spring cleaning! I don't listen to podcasts, but I'll be listening to an audiobook when I shovel out my living room this afternoon.