Wednesday, January 16, 2008

started the scarf and 2nd sock

Well I started the scarf made out of the Worsted Malabrigo but do not have pictures yet. I also started my second sock which is dragging along slowly as I am bored with the plain and simple sock pattern. The first sock turned out well for my first sock I would have to say. It fits well and the small mistakes I made are fairly unoticable. I am enjoying making the Mock Cable Eyelet Scarf in the Malabrigo though. It is the same scarf that I made for my sister with the Dusty Rose Malabrigo that I am making the Train Tam with now. I made up the pattern using a stitch pattern book and I love it. I will put mock cable eyelets all down it with ribbing inbetween and then put fringe on the ends and it will be gloriously cozy and beautiful as well. I will post pictures next time as I am not in the mood to take photos now. The scarf is coming along quickly and will be finished in no time.

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