Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Broke my size 2 DPN

Well yesterday was a bad day in the sock knitting department. It started off ok with some work on the foot of my sock in the morning. Then last night I went to start knitting some more and realized that I had lost the 4th needle that I was working with, luckily it was a set of 5 and I had only been using 4 so I just got out the 5th one and kept working. Then just as I was putting it away I was putting my little needle ends on that keep my work from falling off the needle and I snapped one of my oh so skinny size 2 DPNs in half. So now I can't work on my sock until I get a chance to go to AC Moore which won't be for a while because I don't drive and my husband has a broken ankle so I have to wait till we go out to the mall with his buddy next week once he has his removable boot on. I am so angry luckily I still have those fingerless mitts to work on while I am waiting to get new needles.

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